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Article I: Name
Article II: Object
Article III:Membership
Article IV:Officers and Duties
Article V:Executive Board
Article VI:Meetings
Article VII:Dues
Article VIII:Nominations and Elections
Article IX:Departments and Committees
Article X:Amendments
Article XI:Parliamentary Authority
Article XII:Voting Rights
Standing Rules
Traveling Program Guidelines

Section 1. This organization shall be known as the Little Falls Athletic Club, Inc.

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Section 1. The object of this club is to provide for the enjoyment and the participation of all the youth of the community in organized, competitive sports, to support and encourage the development of a full recreational program for all of the people of Little Falls, New Jersey, and to provide funds for educational scholarships to be presented annually to worthy youths of the community.

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Section 1. The club shall consist of active members; any person 18 years of age or older shall be eligible for active membership.

Section 2. A candidate for active membership shall

  • Register to directly participate in and/or register a child to participate in a sanctioned club sports program; and
  • Complete a membership form which will be provided by the club through various means.

Section 3. An active member shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of the club, and shall assist with the business of the club.

Section 4. Resignation of membership shall be presented in writing to the corresponding secretary for action by the Executive Board. Resignations shall be read by the Corresponding Secretary at the first regular meeting following action by the Board.

If an active member is not registered and/or does not have a child registered in a club activity in the previous 12 month period, the member shall be deemed to have resigned their membership automatically.

Section 5. Family members of an active member may themselves become members with full privileges as stated in Article XII by completing the membership form provided they are 18 years of age or older.

If back dues are not paid in full by December 1st, the member shall be considered to have resigned their membership automatically, without requiring action by the Board. They may reinstate their membership at any time by paying the then-current annual dues amount.

Section 6. Family members of an active member may themselves become members with full privileges as stated in Article XII by paying the then-current annual dues amount, provided they are 18 years of age or older.

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Section 1. The following officers shall be elected to carry on the work of the club: President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.

It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the club and the Executive Board. To be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nomination Committee. He shall appoint chairmen and commissioners for various departments in September for the coming season and name the various chairmen whose terms shall be for one year. The president shall call a special meeting of the department chairmen during September to plan programs far the coming year.

The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President. He shall succeed to the office of President, should a vacancy occur prior to the annual election.

The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes of all general meetings of the club and the Executive Board, and perform the usual duties of such an office.

The Corresponding Secretary shall Maintain the correspondence of the club; shall give due notice to members of regular and special meetings. He shall notify new members of their acceptance and perform other such duties as may be required by the club. He shall send condolences and convalescent cards to members as needed.

The Treasurer shall keep records of all financial transactions and of all funds and securities of the club. He shall receive all monies of the club and deposit the same in the name of the Little Falls Athletic Club of Little Falls in such bank designated by the Executive Board. The Treasurer’s books must show a record of financial transactions including receipts and disbursements. The Treasurer shall disburse all monies as designated by the Executive Board. He shall render a financial statement at meetings of the Executive Board as well as regular club meetings. The books shall be submitted for audit each year between the January and February meetings of the club. If necessary, a safe deposit box shall be rented in a bank designated by the Executive Board. The President and Treasurer shall have access thereto. The Treasurer shall be a member of the Finance Committee. The office of Treasurer and the office of President shall be bonded, the bonding firm to be determined by the Executive Board.

Section 2. Only active members of one year’s standing, who are residents of Little Falls, shall be eligible to hold office.

Section 3. The term of office shall be one year beginning with the installation of officers in July.

Section 4. A vacancy occurring in any office, except the Presidency, shall be filled by the Executive Board with the approval of the membership.

Section 5. After the annual business meeting, each outgoing officer and chairman, except the Treasurer, shall hand to his successor all club property in his possession, including an outline of his work for future reference.

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Section 1. Elected Officers, immediate past President, and chairmen of departments shall constitute the Executive Board.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall hold monthly meetings at which a majority of board members shall constitute a quorum. The Board shall have general management of business, finances, and property of the club and shall authorize and control all expenditures as provided for in the annual budget. Alterations and negotiations involving transfer of property, real or personal, shall be presented to the club for action after approval of the Executive Board. Any method for raising funds shall be considered by the Board. If approved, same shall be submitted to the club membership at the next business meeting. A majority vote of those present shall be necessary to carry out the proposed. The Board shall recommend to the membership of the club important proposals, resolutions, and dispositions of any unbudgeted funds. The Board shall act upon any charge brought against any member whose actions are deemed to be against the best interest of the club.

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Section 1. Regular meetings of the club shall be held on a monthly basis. The meeting day, time, and place shall be recommended by the President at the annual meeting and shall be approved by a majority vote of the members in attendance.

Section 2. Special meetings of the club may be called by the President on his own motion or upon request in writing of five members. Timely notice of such meeting shall be sent to each member and shall specify the business to be transacted. No other business shall be acted upon at such meetings. A minimum of five days notification shall be considered as timely notice.

Section 3. The annual meeting, including election of officers, shall be held in June. Only active members shall be present at the annual meeting or any special meetings. The installation of officers shall take place in July.

Section 4. Ten members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

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Section 1. Each active member shall pay annual dues of not less than $5.00. The dues amount shall be set at the annual meeting for the following calendar year. A majority vote of those present shall be required to set the dues amount.

Section 2. The Corresponding Secretary shall present a bill for dues on or before January 1. He shall receive the dues and turn all monies to the Treasurer for deposit. He shall keep a record of dues paid, and be custodian of permanent files of all members past and present. He shall notify delinquent members on February 1 that unless dues are paid by April 1, membership will be forfeited until payment of dues.

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Section 1. A Nominating Committee consisting of three members shall be named by the President with the approval of the Executive Board.

The Nominating Committee shall prepare a ticket to be presented at the April regular club meeting and acted upon at the Annual Meeting in June. This ticket shall contain one nominee for each position to be filled; the candidate’s consent having been previously secured. Being a member of the Nominating Committee does not preclude becoming a candidate.

Nominations from the floor may be made with the consent of the nominee given in person or in writing at the May regular club meeting or the Annual Meeting.

Section 2. When there is but one nominee for an office, a motion may be made to direct the Recording Secretary to cast a single ballot. If there is more than one nominee, voting shall be held by secret ballot of members present at the Annual Meeting. No write-in votes will be allowed.

Eligibility to vote in Annual Elections is determined according to the provisions of Article XII, Section 4.

Section 3. The President shall preside over all annual and special elections, but shall not vote in these elections except to break a tie among the voting members present.

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Section 1. The club shall have the following departments: Diamond Sports (Baseball and Softball), Basketball, Soccer, Floor Hockey, Ways and Means, Equipment, Special Events, and Social.

The Social Department shall have charge of the Awards Dinners, Membership Dinners and Dances, and refreshments at meetings.

Section 2. Chairmen of departments shall appoint their own Vice-Chairmen and commissioners and members of their several departments.

The Diamond Sports department will be administered by a committee consisting of three (3) representatives from the baseball program, three (3) representatives from the softball program, and a non-voting chairperson who will represent the committee on the Executive Board. All committee members, including the chairperson, will be appointed by the President and serve for a term of one year.

The Diamond Sports department was formed to pool the resources of the formerly separate baseball and softball departments and insure that these resources are shared equally among all participants.

Section 3. Chairmen of departments are reasonable for programs at meetings as assigned to them by the Board.

Section 4. Departments and committees shall not contract debts nor use any method whatsoever of raising of money except as provided for in Article V, Section 2 of these by-laws.

Section 5. The Department Chairman shall be responsible for the care and custody of all equipment for their respective programs. They shall recommend to the Board needed equipment replacement.

Section 6. The following standing committees may be appointed by the President for a term in office of one year: Finance, Membership, Nominating, Publicity, Scholarship, and By-laws Review.

The Finance Committee shall include the appointed chairman, the Treasurer and three other members, one of whom should be the retired Treasurer. The other two members shall be appointed by the President.

The Membership Committee shall perform its duties as provided in By-Law Article III, Section 2. The President shall appoint each member of this committee.

The Nominating Committee shall perform the duties as provided in Article VIII of these By-Laws. The President shall appoint three members to this committee.

The Publicity Committee shall have responsibility for publicity of all club activities. There shall be three members of this committee. In addition, this committee shall handle the periodic publishing of the “LFAC Newsletter,” if applicable.

Section 7. Special Committees shall be appointed by the President from time to time, subject to the approval of the Executive Board as the needs of the club shall require. They shall terminate when their work is completed.

Section 8. By special permission of the President, Chairmen of Standing or Special Committees may attend a meeting of the Executive Board. This privilege does not carry a vote.

Section 9. The Executive Board has the power to create, combine, or discontinue any department or committee.

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Section 1. These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the club, notice of such amendments having been given at two previous meetings and the proposed amendment placed in the hands of the Recording Secretary in writing at the time of the announcement. A two-thirds vote of the members shall be necessary to amend these by-laws.

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Section 1. Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised Edition

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Section 1. There are three categories of voting rights: Regular Business, Amendments to these By-laws, and Annual and Special Elections.

Section 2. Regular Business-a member shall be entitled to vote on the regular business of the club if they are current with their dues as per Article VII, Section 2.

Section 3. Amendments to these By-Laws-a member shall be entitled to vote for or against approval of an Amendment to these By-Laws if they meet both of the following criteria:

  • They have attended a minimum of three (3) meetings in the previous twelve (12) months inclusive of the meeting at which the approval vote is being taken.
  • A motion to propose an amendment shall be considered Regular Business.

Section 4. Annual and Special Elections-a member shall be entitled to vote in the Annual Election if they meet both of the following criteria:

  • They have attended a minimum of three (3) meetings since the last Annual Election inclusive of the meeting at which the elections are to be held.
  • A member shall be eligible to vote in any Special Elections if they meet both the criteria set forth in Section 3.

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These standing rules may be amended or added to at any meeting of the club by two-thirds vote without previous notice.

All head coaches and assistant coaches must be members of the LFAC and must have taken a state certified coaching safety program. The selection of all coaching positions shall be determined by the department chairman and must have Executive Board approval prior to the drafting of the teams. A list of all persons requesting a coaching position shall be provided as well at this time.

The President may appoint two members to audit the Treasurer’s accounts during the month of September.

It shall be the privilege of the Executive Board to designate open meetings.

All resolutions except those concerning a specially appointed committee must be submitted in writing to the Recording Secretary prior to the meeting at which they are to be presented.

Meetings of the club shall start at 8:00 PM or as soon thereafter as a quorum is present.

No one except a member may address the membership except upon approval by the Executive Board.

The Scholarship Committee shall award two scholarships each year, one to a boy and one to a girl.

It is mandatory for all softball and baseball coaches to attend a coaching clinic designated by the club, at the coach’s expense if such expense is required. A refresher course will be required every two years.

It is mandatory for all coaches and assistant coaches to attend a minimum of three meetings during the club year. (Note: this Standing Rule takes effect starting with the beginning of the baseball and softball seasons in March, 1998.)

Assistant coaches cannot be paired with a head coach prior to a draft, unless
a. The commissioner determines that there is a shortage of head coaches, and
b. The pairing is approved by the Executive Board.

Per Little Falls Township Ordinance # 1090 it is mandatory for all individuals who wish to coach to have a background check performed prior to assuming any coaching duties (9/2010)

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Goals And Objectives

The objective of this program is to develop and promote a higher skilled and more competitive level sports program than the Township recreation program offers. The traveling program is for those players who desire to further enhance their skills and participate against competitive sports programs from other towns. This program requires an increased level of commitment from coaches, players and parents in order to be successful. By committing ourselves to this program, we can achieve our goals of the further development and enhancement of our players’ athletic skills, sense of teamwork, and good sportsmanship necessary to be successful at a higher competitive level.

Head Coaches/Assistant Coaches

Eligibility Requirements – All head coaches and assistant coaches must be active members of the LFAC and must have taken a state certified coaching safety program. It is desired that coaches in this program possess a greater skill and knowledge of the sport and/or have participated in additional coaches’ clinics in order to further develop their individual coaching skills. In addition, they must also have successfully completed any League mandated course to obtain applicable licenses. The Athletic Club will reimburse the registration fees for any coach who successfully completes applicable clinics or required courses for their respective sport.

Selection Process – The selection of all head coaching positions shall be determined by the appropriate sports commissioner and have Executive Board approval prior to the drafting of the teams. A list of all persons requesting a coaching position shall be provided to the Executive Board at that time. The number and selection of the assistant coaches shall be determined by the head coach of each team with the prior approval of the appropriate sports commissioner. All coaches shall agree to abide by the rules governing the LFAC and the “Code of Conduct.” Any coach not complying with this “Code of Conduct” shall be subject to the disciplinary actions as specified in the code.


Eligibility Requirements – All players wishing to participate in the LFAC traveling sports program will be eligible to play on the traveling team for their respective age group. Players shall not play in an older age group unless there is not a traveling team available for their age group based on the number of registered players. Players can participate on more than one (1) traveling team at the same time based upon mutual agreement by the respective traveling coaches. A registration fee is required of all players as determined by the respective sports program commissioner or team coach and is due prior to the start of the season.

Selection Process – Players will be subject to a team tryout as determined and chosen by the respective head coach and sports commissioner. Coaches shall hold a meeting with all parents of players who have registered for a particular team. The meeting shall be held prior to the team tryout in order to clearly explain the goals and objectives of the traveling program, the desired skill level, the selection process, and the number of players to be chosen for each particular sport team. Coaches shall confirm that all parents understand the intent of the traveling program and these guidelines, the appropriate traveling league rules, and the player selection process prior to player tryouts. In the event that sufficient players sign up to support two (2) teams in the same age group, there will be an “A” squad formed of the more skilled players in the age group. A second “B” squad may be formed from the remaining players to participate in an appropriate similar competition level at the discretion of the sports commissioner. Players who are not chosen for a team may be asked to practice with the team at the discretion of the coach. These players will not be required to pay the registration fee. In this manner, players can continue to develop their skills and gain valuable experience within the traveling program.

Number of players – 12 to 15 per team
Playing time – 2 innings/1 at bat (based on a complete game)

Number of players – 8 to 12 per team
Playing time – 1 quarter of total game time

Soccer (U-7 to U-10)
Number of players – 11 to 14 per team
Playing time – 1 quarter of total game time

Soccer (U-11 to U-18)
Number of players – 14 to 17 per team
Playing time – 1 quarter of total game time

Practices – All traveling teams will be provided practice times and fields as determined by the respective sport commissioner. The traveling sport which coincides with the recreation program sport season will get preference for all practice times and fields.
Registration Fees

All traveling teams shall be financially self-sufficient. Budgets for each team shall be prepared prior to the season and shall consider all league fees, trainers, uniforms, tournaments and equipment. The total expenses shall be divided equally among all players who shall pay the appropriate registration fee prior to the season commencing. It shall be each head coach’s responsibility to determine and collect the registration fees and submit all monies to the Treasurer prior to the season commencing. The LFAC will not provide any supplemental monies for any traveling program team.

Official Team Name and Colors

Official team name: Little Falls Hornets
Official team colors: Dark Green and White

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